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Enhance your living or working spaces with the profound knowledge of Vaastu Shastra. Our consultancy services provide tailored solutions to optimize the energy flow in your environment, fostering balance, prosperity, and well-being. Experience the profound impact of age-old architectural principles through our committed team


Vaastu barathy

At Vaastu barathy, we are more than just Vaastu consultants; we are stewards of a timeless tradition. We are dedicated to the unwavering preservation of the purest form of Vedic science – Vaastu Shastra. Through meticulous research and unwavering dedication to classical texts, our team of highly qualified experts translates ancient wisdom into practical applications for the modern world.

Predict the future by creating it

Modern architecture often challenges Vaastu. Vaastu consultants understand these issues and can offer creative solutions that integrate Vaastu into your space. Although your home may not follow classical Vaastu, they can help you create harmony. Some find vaastu laws confusing. Vaastu consultants apply these principles and provide customized advice. This could involve furniture arrangements, Vaastu-based color schemes, or minor energy-flow improvements. They can also prioritize changes by feasibility and impact for pragmatic Vaastu-compliant space creation. Modern architecture often challenges Vaastu. Vaastu consultants understand these issues and can offer creative solutions that integrate Vaastu into your space. They can bring harmony to a non-Vaastu home. Traditional Indian vaastu consultation. It balances people and their surroundings. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, arranges buildings to maximize positive energy and wellness. Vaastu examines entrance orientation, room arrangement, and color use to maximize energy flow. Vaastu is believed to bring wealth, health, and happiness. A Vaastu practitioner checks a building's layout for energy imbalances. Resolving these energies can improve harmony. This could involve rearranging furniture, adding plants or crystals, or altering the building's structure.

Vastu services," "home," "business," "well-being," "positive energy," and "success."
Vastu services," "home," "business," "well-being," "positive energy," and "success."

Why Vaastu consultation

Vaastu: The Key to Harmonizing Spaces and Lives

Vaastu, rooted in ancient Indian architectural wisdom, holds paramount importance in fostering balance and harmony within living and working environments. By adhering to Vaastu principles, spaces are optimized to resonate with positive energies, enhancing overall well-being, prosperity, and success. Explore how Vaastu's profound insights can transform spaces and lives for the better.

Services we offer

Vaastu consultations
Profit making by use of vaastu
Study Table and Mark Scoring
Remedial vaastu program
Pendulum dowsing

Harness ancient Vaastu wisdom! We optimize your home, workplace, shop, or factory for peace, productivity, prosperity, and positive energy flow. Our experts analyze layouts and recommend adjustments for a more harmonious and successful space.

Vaastu for profit goes beyond just placement. It optimizes your business layout to enhance customer flow, improve employee well-being, and strategically positions assets for financial success. By creating a harmonious work environment, you attract positive energy that can boost your bottom line.

Align your child's study space with Vaastu for academic success! Proper table placement and organization can enhance focus and concentration. Our Vaastu experts guide you to optimize their study zone, promoting better learning and potentially boosting their grades.

Remedial Vaastu addresses existing buildings that may not be ideally aligned with Vastu principles. Through consultations and adjustments that don't require major renovations, it aims to improve energy flow within the space, potentially leading to better health, relationships, and financial well-being.

Pendulum dowsing, while not a traditional Vaastu practice, is used by some to pinpoint areas of positive or negative energy within a space. The pendulum swings in specific patterns supposedly indicating these energies. While its effectiveness lacks scientific backing, some find it helpful in conjunction with established Vaastu principles.

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white concrete building
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man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
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a pile of money sitting on top of a wooden table
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Improved Well-being

Enhanced Productivity

Transformation of your lifestyle

Increased Prosperity

Personalized Guidance

Create a harmonious living and working environment that promotes peace, health, and overall well-being.

Optimize your workspace for increased focus, collaboration, and efficiency.

Attract customers, boost sales, and experience financial growth through Vaastu-compliant layouts.

Receive tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and space limitations.

Experience Vaastu's Transformational Power. Optimize your home & workplace for success, well-being, and focus. Learn from our Vedic Academy & unlock Vaastu's potential.

Here's what our customers say
United kingdom
United kingdom

Increased Focus and Prosperity (Positive Impact on Business)

"Since incorporating Vaastu principles into our office layout with the guidance of Vaastu barathy, we've noticed a significant improvement in employee focus and collaboration. Additionally, customer traffic has increased, leading to a positive impact on our business!"


Enhanced Home Environment and Family Harmony:

"We were experiencing some disharmony in our household. After consulting with a Vaastu expert recommended by Vaastu barathy , we made some adjustments based on Vastu principles. The energy in our home feels much lighter now, and there's a greater sense of peace and togetherness within the family."

Improved Academic Performance and Well-being (Student Perspective):

"Learning Vaastu Shastra and Vedic principles at Vaastu barathy has been a transformative experience. My study space feels more balanced, and I can concentrate better. I've also noticed a reduction in stress and an overall improvement in my well-being, allowing me to excel in my academics."

Credible and Knowledgeable Instructors:

"The instructors at Vaastu barathy are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Vaastu Shastra and Vedic sciences. Their explanations are clear and engaging, and they provide practical guidance that can be easily implemented in everyday life."

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