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Welcome to Unveiling Harmony of Vaastu sastra , your one-stop online destination for exploring the ancient wisdom of Vaastu Shastra and its synergy with the Vedic sciences. Our immersive courses, crafted by experienced practitioners, provide the knowledge and tools you need to transform your living and working environment into spaces that promote well-being, success, and positive energy flow.

Why Choose Vaastubarathy?

Our instructors, who are highly experienced as Vaastu consultants and Vedic scholars, will ensure that you acquire comprehensive knowledge about these ancient practices. We offer a diverse selection of online courses that cater to the needs of students at all levels, from introductory classes for beginners to advanced research opportunities for experienced professionals. Access our on-demand video modules and downloadable resources at your convenience for studying. Our interactive learning environment offers features such as discussion boards, live Q&A sessions, and individualized instructor guidance. These features allow you to engage with our supportive community. Our courses are specifically tailored to incorporate practical situations encountered in real-life. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of Vaastu and gain the knowledge necessary to construct a new area or refurbish an existing one in a manner that is tailored to your needs. Continuing Education: Enhance your knowledge and progress more rapidly by accessing our extensive range of resources, such as e-books, video lessons, and blog posts.

Our Courses

“Study Vaastu Shastra and Live in abundance”

VVS -Vedic Vaastu Shastra 1 year diploma course

“Welcome to the world of abundance”

The Remedial Vaastu Shastra Course. 3 days residential program

Each and every point of our house and working place is influencing our life and events in our life. So another name of Vaastu Shastra is EVENTOLOGY. If you want to create anything in your life, the smart way is to tap that particular energy point. Smart Vaastu deals with these energy points. There are 45 energy points in a building. The field of energy points is called ‘Vaastu Purusha Mandala’ and the energy point is called ‘Devatha’. Smart vaastu is for tapping these energies. If you want to drive a car, you should know how to drive and you must have a license. Like that, if you want to utilize energy around you, you must learn about the points and events in your life related to that particular energy point. Smart Vaastu reveals these unique secrets and you will get a license (certificate) to utilize these energies.

Make use of Smart Vaastu and enjoy abundance in your life smartly.

Studying the scientific aspects of Vaastu Shastra increases your optimism and success in life.

Through this course, you can understand the importance of Vaastu Shastra and its possibilities in your life. Through The Scientific Vaastu Course you can understand the Vaastu of your own house. It is possible to learn about Thachu Shastra, which is used in Kerala Vaastu Shastra. One can understand the scientific aspects of the laws of Vaastu.

Scientific Vaastu is a video course. Every morning you will get a video as study material and you have to make a note about it. Within 18 days you will master the basic principle of Vaastu Shastra, Thachu Shasthra, and flow of energy, directions, elements and more. Learn scientific Vaastu and create abundance by knowing your living place and working place.

The scientific Vaastu 18 days online course.

silhouette photography of person
silhouette photography of person

Smart Vaastu 9 days online program

i) Vaastu Shastra online training.

ii) Being separated from the universal rhythm is the cause of financial difficulties, physical difficulties and mental difficulties. Therefore, the people of Kerala must learn Vastu Shastra to achieve prosperity. South India’s well-known Vaastu Acharya Dr. Nishant Thoppil M.Phil., Ph.D. is conducting classes. It is under the control of VaastuBharati Vedic Research Academy Kerala. VaastuVijnan provides an elementary study of  Vaastu online through mobile.

Dear friend, Are you a person who wants to study Vaastu Shastra…

This is a golden opportunity for you.

Vaastu Barati Vedic Research Academy has been spreading the knowledge of vaastu shastra for the last three decades. Many people have already studied vaastu from the academy and are proficient in it and working as a Vaastu consultant. The academy provides you the facility to study this course both offline and online. One year Vaastu Shastra study under the guidance of prominent Vaastu Acharya of South India Dr. Nishant Thoppil M.Phil., Ph.D. Vaastu Baraty Diploma Course has a syllabus based on Kavi Kulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtake. Vedic VaastuShastra 1 year diploma course with NACTET approved is a professional course for becoming an authentic professional Vaastu Consultant.

brown and blue desk globe in library
brown and blue desk globe in library

If you want to be a result oriented Vaastu Consultant you must know result giving remedies.

Within three days you will learn 18 types of Vaastu systems and remedial applications. Remedial Vaastu course is an 100% result oriented value added course for professional Vaastu Consultants. Vaastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture aiming to harmonize the built environment with nature. It's based on the belief that Ideally, the design should promote a smooth flow of Pranic energy throughout the building, creating a balanced and harmonious environment. This is achieved through practices like proper ventilation, avoiding clutter in central areas, and ensuring natural light enters the living space.the design and layout of a building can influence the health, well-being, and prosperity of its occupants.

starry night sky over the starry night
starry night sky over the starry night
people in black academic dress standing on brown concrete floor during daytime
people in black academic dress standing on brown concrete floor during daytime

V V Vaastu Vinjan 3 days workshop

National Council for Technology & Training
National Council for Technology & Training
green heart shaped pendant necklace
green heart shaped pendant necklace

Pendulum course 1 day workshop

Pendulum dowsing, also known as radiesthesia or Rhabdomancy, is a divinatory practice that uses a pendulum (typically a weighted object suspended on a string or chain) to supposedly answer questions or obtain information

The Process:

  1. Preparation: The dowser selects a pendulum and defines a mental framework for interpreting its movements. This often involves assigning specific meanings to different swinging directions (e.g., clockwise for "yes," counter-clockwise for "no").

  2. Questioning: The dowser asks a yes-or-no question while holding the pendulum still over a chart, object, or location believed to hold information.

  3. Interpretation: Based on the pre-defined framework, the dowser interprets the pendulum's movement (swinging, stillness) as an answer to the question.

Scientific Explanation:

The observed movements of the pendulum in dowsing are primarily attributed to a phenomenon called the ideomotor effect. This unconscious muscle movement can be influenced by subtle cues, expectations, and confirmation bias of the dowser.

Historical Context:

  • The use of pendulums for divination has been documented throughout history, with mentions in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

  • In the Middle Ages, dowsing rods (L-shaped sticks) were used to locate water sources.

  • The modern form of pendulum dowsing gained popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries, often associated with the New Age movement.